My hobbies and passion are in programming, history, philosophy, and culture, just to name a few. This is my website to publish posts for the world to read. Occasionally I have programming projects, which you can check out on my GitHub. If you have questions or want to come into contact with me for any other reason, you may do so at

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My arsenal

Because I hunt, I have an arsenal of firearms.

  • 1897 Kongsberg Krag-Jørgensen, carbine edition, 6.5x55 SE.
  • 1941 Mauser Karabiner 98k, with modern stock, .30-06 Springfield.
  • c. 1970 Husqvarna Model 2002, Krico receiver, .222 Remington.

Because commercial ammo is expensive and inflexible, I reload my own cartridges. With a weapon like Krag-Jørgensen, it is almost a requirement, as the chamber is not capable of withstanding modern maximum charges.