European governments are characterised by tyranny in a degenerating western societal order. There are many wrong ways and only some correct ways in combating this degeneration without pointlessly sacrificing yourself, or, more than likely, making matters even worse for everyone. Good news is that all western governments resort to the same trick. Here’s what you do.


Before talking about tyranny, it might be worth discussing first what government is at its core. The Founding Fathers of the United States, among other libertarian, or classical liberal thinkers, correctly assert that the government is an institution of violence. That logical leap might not be obvious to those uninitiated in libertarian thinking, so here’s a simple but complete explanation:

Why does the government have any authority? That is, why should you listen to anything that the government has to say? The only reason is because they have state monopoly on violence. This means that only the government is allowed to exact violence against a human being as means of enforcement. Other non-government actors who do not have special sanctions by government are strictly prohibited from initiating violent force against another human being. The government has monopoly on this.

You might be asking yourself: “But a speeding ticket does not result in violence, so how is it violent?” Valid question. Ask yourself this afterwards: “What happens if I do not pay the speeding ticket?”. You get called to court, of course, for failing to pay the ticket. Then ask yourself: “What happens if I don’t show up to court?” A warrant is issued in your name, for failing to show up to court. You will be taken into custody, and be forced to show up to court. Then ask yourself: “What if I avoid custody as a fugitive from the law?” A manhunt will start, because you are neither paying your ticket, nor showing up to court, and are actively avoiding arrest. Ultimately it is not obvious what happens beyond a manhunt. How long will the police be bothered to chase you across the country, or even the world, to enforce a speeding ticket? This is where we run into a critical question that makes or destroys the modern concept of the state itself.

The manhunt has to end in two ways: either you will be successfully arrested, and brought before the court, or you are killed. Why killed? Surely, the police would not kill you over what ultimately is a speeding ticket, right? If that’s true, then that destroys the modern state, or government. This is because that means you can avoid consequences of speeding tickets, or other crimes, simply by not paying the fine, not showing up to court, and engaging in a manhunt long enough. Put another way, it would mean that the authority of the government is not ultimate. It can be outmanoeuvred with sufficient preparation and determination. It would be an absolute disaster. Therefore, it stands to reason that the ultimate punishment for any crime is death, if you refuse to surrender yourself to the legal consequences of the crime. This is fundamental to libertarian thought, upon which every other libertarian idea stands.

Government is an institution of violence. Any policies and regulations a government instates are ultimately punishable by death, if you wholly refuse them and all their legal consequences.

Paradox of government

If then the sole authority of government stems from violence, even death, doesn’t that make government the ultimate force of evil? Shouldn’t it be entirely rejected, in favour of anarchy; a government-free society? The answer to that is simply: no. Government is a necessary evil. Different libertarian thinkers have many propositions on what domains a government should be involved in, how much they should tax their citizenry, and how much economic control they should exert, if any. However, all serious libertarian thinkers agree that there is no way around government. It is a double-edged sword that needs to be handled with much forethought and care.

I will not be going into details of what an ideal libertarian government should be doing, or how it should be structured, because it is not relevant to what I am going to be talking about. I will leave this topic with just this: legislation in a libertarian government should exist only to uphold a moral and religious people.


With that in mind, we can readily characterise tyrannies as follows: a tyranny is a government where insignificant actions or behaviours are institutionally legislated as a crime. Example: a man in Scotland, UK was charged with an offence of “hateful speech” when he taught his pet pug how to do the Hitler salute, and published a video of the pug doing said salute on YouTube. According to the man, no private individual even charged him with the offence. It was Police Scotland that has decided to bring the charge against him. The government went out of its way to prosecute this man to enforce its tyranny, even when no citizen voiced offence against the man’s video.

Admittedly the tyranny in United Kingdom is very strong compared to other European countries, but other European countries are not far behind. Police of the Government of Norway has prosecuted a man for calling another man a “delusional old man with strange fantasies”, in reference to the other man’s proclamation of being a woman. The Police considered his utterances to be “humiliating speech”, and therefore a chargeable offence. He was fined 3000 Norwegian crowns. He could choose not to pay, but the consequences are dire.

As said earlier, fundamentally these insignificant actions and behaviours, that are considered so egregious by the tyranny in power that fully grown adults cannot handle them on their own, are punishable with death. If you refuse to pay a fine, go to court, go to jail, and go to prison for speaking freely, you will be punished with death. That is the nature of the government.

Where these strange delusions, institutionalised in a tyranny, come from is another story, and are quite frankly irrelevant. What is relevant is that you should not get caught in the blast radius of these profoundly demonic and evil traps.


Although all these legislations are different, and the particulars of European tyrannies are different from country to country, they are all the same trick: they are provocation. To better understand what this means, let’s take a look at a line in the Bible.

You have heard that it was said, “Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.” But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. – Matthew 5:38-40

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. – Luke 6:28-30

What do these lines really mean? For the longest time I did not understand them myself. I knew that the Bible was not a pacifist treatise, but at the same time I could not understand the message of these lines. Then I watched a video by Luke Smith, who made it crystal clear what they are about. It is a message about being active, not reactive. If you think about it from a military perspective, being in a reactive state, or defensive state, is almost always a bad position to be in. Typically that is the losing position.

If someone slaps you unprovoked, there is probably a very good reason for it. The man who slapped you most likely is seeking a fight. Because he is seeking it, he is prepared and made calculations that you are most likely unfit to defeat him in battle. If you make yourself subject to your emotions, your impulses, and react, you will most likely lose.

Do not be in a reactive state. The government is specifically creating this legislation to destroy dissidents; castrate them. They bet on “naïve heroes” to act on their impulses. Young adult men, with rebellious proclivities, who do not condone the tyranny they inhabit are likely to think that they stick up to the government by transgressing laws that ban insignificant action or behaviour. That is not standing up to the government, as it is exactly what they want to them to do. The legislation was specifically designed with this in mind. There is an army of faceless bureaucrats and a troupe of sociopaths in parliament who have to do almost nothing to put you in prison for not abiding by their demonic worldview, and they are even getting paid out of your tax money to do it. You are not sticking up to anyone when reacting to their provocation. This is how all tyrannical states operate. Their first victims are going be young adult men, which is predominantly the only demographic capable of instating a revolution or counter-revolution, and this is how they get them. Don’t be a fool; don’t be reactive.

When you are reactive, you typically do it in the spur of the moment. You do it emotionally. Emotion is not a good guide to success, especially if it is in response to a tyranny. That’s what these Biblical lines warn against.

Be the nightmare

This then raises the obvious question: “How am I supposed to be active, if not reactive?” To understand this, let’s first understand the ideal submissive servant of a tyrant, and to understand that, we can draw a simple analogy to the relationship between a child and its parents.

What distinguishes an adult from a child? In nearly all societies, across all eras of humankind’s history, the distinction was simple: the adult is an independent agent capable of shifting the world with his actions, whereas a child is effectively the slave of his parents, not to be trusted with anything of value. To put it in cynical terms, the relationship between a child and their parents is that of a slave and master. However, in all functional societies, the goal is to elevate a child from this relationship as soon as possible, so that they may become functional adults, and hopefully parents, themselves. Friedrich Nietzsche encapsulates the essence of parenthood in one sentence: “In order to understand what it means to be free, one has to be a slave first.” Quote paraphrased.

Tyrants don’t want adults. They want permanent children who ask for permission for everything they want to do. After all, why is it so easy for sociopaths to legislate these tyrannical laws, if not because they see the laws as an extension of their household rules for children? That is generously assuming that they have any children. Most of them don’t. Regardless, they want citizenry comprised exclusively of perfectly obedient children. An adult of strong and moral character is going to refuse such flagrant abuse of legal and social institutions. An adult of weak and immoral character is going to bow down, in hopes that the tyrant will be appeased, and cease their abuse over their its citizenry. A child will listen to whatever their master has to say unconditionally, because they know no other option. It is no coincidence that in totalitarian societies, such as the Soviet Union or Maoist China, the first group to be indoctrinated are children. In the Soviet Union and Maoist China, the children were brainwashed by the state to reject their own parents as authority figures, and accept only the state as their master. Of course, the state would never raise them to be adults at any point in their lives. That is not what they want.

Tyrants thrive when there is no longer the opposition of a moral and religious people. They seek a society that is degenerate; one that is no longer moral and religious, of people who are no longer moral and religious. The tyrants will strong-arm every religious and social institution within their power into doing only what they want, so that they can make children out of their citizenry. However, you do not have to join the ranks of the spineless, who bow down to the tyrant. That is also engaging in the system of the tyranny. Disengage from the system by building a parallel society. A society that lives inside of the wider society, but is distinctly parallel: not slave to the Zeitgeist of the weak-willed.

Therefore, be an adult. Be the nightmare of the tyrant. Be active, and build a parallel society, that rejects the degeneration of the wider society. Plant your foot firmly, but turn the other cheek if they slap you. Reject the Devil; reject the tyrant; reject the government, but be active.